Anti-Oppression / Mutual Liberation
This is a body of work that I have developed over the past ten years that is essentially aimed toward a white identified audience. The objectives of this work is to help people identify their varying levels of priviledge, teach a power + discrimination model, identify and name systemic racism, and then explore our responsibility in the framework of mutual liberation.

Movement Building
How do we move from an individualistic way of being in the world to becoming something larger than ourselves? In this workshop we explore how the mandate of Christ look very much like a movement. If Jesus was a movement founder, how is the Christian Church both fulfilling and falling short of his teaching? We will look at the tell tale signatures of social movement and consider various organizing models.

Campaign Organizing
In this workshop we look at various organizing models in greater depth, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in differing contexts.  We will learn the steps in an action campaign that first call for change and then demand it through a series of linked actions. This workshop heavily reflects the arts and cultural organizing lineage in which I was trained as an activist.


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